kroonluchter stevenskerk

A unique series of chandeliers

When you enter the Stevenskerk, one of the first thing you notice are the beautiful chandeliers with candles. There are four chandelier with 30 arms and 10 chandelier with 18 arms, all dating from 1640. When in the 17th century the city council desired some extra light in the church, they could not afford to pay for the chandeliers. They found a practical solution: they simply had the guilds 'donate' the chandeliers to the church on behalf of the city. 

It is very special that all eight chandeliers in the nave of the church were made by one copper smithy made in a single series. The Stevenskerk is probably the only church in the Netherlands where such series has been preserved intact, at least in terms of the number and size of chandeliers. The most recent restoration of chandeliers happened in 2007. The larger chandeliers are since then equipped with hoists, to make it a little easier to light the many candles on days like Christmas Eve of or Easter.